Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Quilting & Crafting Heritage

Welcome to my Quilting and Craft Blog! 

I am a very creative person, a Quilter and Crafter for over 25 years. My mother opened her Quilt and Craft Shop Business, Quilts Plus, in 1988. I had just "retired" from a profession in Nursing to be a stay at home mother, to raise my newborn daughter. I lived next door and my mother asked me to help her. I am so thankful that we worked together for the next 18 years in her Quilt and Craft Shop. 

My daughter later learned many of the skills her grandmother and I taught, part time, between high school and college classes. She has graduated college, married and presented me with a new baby granddaughter. So, we continue to be a 3 generation Crafting Family. My daughter grew up in the Quilt Shop and exhibiting at Craft Shows. My granddaughter will also.

I come from a rich tradition of fine Appalachian Crafters. One of my great grandmothers made Appalachian baskets to supplement the families' income. My father, grandfather and their relatives were carpenters, building and remodeling many homes in our community. 

My crafts are designed from items from our Appalachian Kentucky Heritage. Some are made the way our ancestors made them. Some items have been redesigned to utilize labor saving devices (sewing machines, power tools, etc.)  My ancestors made hand made crafts from necessity. I make my crafted items from a desire to keep the traditions and heritage alive. I love being creative. A handmade gift is a gift from the heart.

Browse my store as I plan to add many new and many different items. I and my daughter make quilts, quilted fabric items, baskets, and clothing items. I do some painting and wood work. My daughter has Appalachian Photography, hand spun yarns, & crochet items. My son-in-law does beautiful pottery and wood turned pens and other small items. If you can visit our store location, many of these items are on display.

I have been an exhibitor at Appalachian Craft Shows for over 18 years. I have multiple links on this site, to my Etsy store as a way to show my creations to a much larger public. There you can place an order for my retail crafts or just view some of my work. Please visit and Enjoy!